Ikaruga now available on XBLA

Update2: The full game is now available to download in all regions

Update: Apparently, the trial is not available in all regions yet, but should be available on a Euro Live account.

Early morning at DZ Towers and we were just checking on XBLA to see if Ikaruga appeared yet, and it seems it has, with the download weighing in at 49.39MB. At the moment only the trial demo is available to download from the dashboard, so it seems Microsoft are not fully launching the game yet. However, that should make your frothing demand for this game rise very high for when the full game goes available in hopefully less than an hour.

Developed by Treasure, the game first appeared in the arcades back in 2001 before been subsequently ported to Dreamcast in Japan and then worldwide to the GameCube. We’ve been waiting for the game to appear on XBLA for quite some time, so we are happy it is finally here.