XBLA Ikaruga Confirmed At Pre-TGS Conference

Along with a whole bunch of other announcements coming out of the Microsoft pre-TGS event, it has also been officially announced that Ikaruga will indeed be making it way to XBLA sometime in the future. However, don’t got turning your TV on its end just yet as no official date is yet known for the title. This news may not be very surprising, as the game has been heavily rumoured for quite some time, but it is great to finally see something solid about the game coming out of the doors of Microsoft after all this time.

In the past the game was released on Dreamcast and Gamecube but just like the recently announced RezHD none of the versions were huge sellers but nevertheless still got huge praise from critics across the world.

The main draw of Ikaruga’s gameplay consists of shooting enemies who come in one of two polarities: either black or white. The player’s ship can switch between each polarity to protect itself which adds some fun tactics into the fray. The game also shares quite a bit of gameplay with previous Treasure title Radiant Silvergun, which is another game that should see a download release in my opinion.