IGN’s Matt Casamassina Predicts Nintendo’s E3

A new post on Matt’s IGN blog says the following… (we wonder if he is hinting at stuff as he is bound to know some details we don’t)

1. Nintendo and Sony Keep Wii and PlayStation 3 price points a secret
2. Microsoft unveils a massive lineup of downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games to combat Nintendo’s virtual console
3. Metroid Prime 3 confirmed as Wii launch title
4. New Wii Mario shown on video, but not playable
5. At least thee new Wii IPs from Nintendo and its teams, one of them a “sandbox” style game
6. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Wii shown, but not playable, and void of online functionality
7. Most, if not all Wii games shown exclusively at Nintendo’s E3 booth
8. Zelda: Twilight Princess demoed for Wii
9. A number of Wii surprise titles that nobody could have predicted
10. Metroid Dread for DS returns? Well, a man can dream