iDracula gets new levels, weapons, enemies and modes

iPhone shooter iDracula received a substantial update today that won’t cost existing owners a penny. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, now it’ll cost you £1.79, but it’s still well worth it.

There are 4 new monsters, three of which I’ve come across in the game since the update. Those were zombies, squid-like creatures wrapped in webbing and bizzare insectoid/reptilian creatures that crawl around on their wings and look almost identical to the Infectors from Dead Space.

In addition to the Grave Park level that was the sole background for iDracula originally, there are now two new levels, the candlelit Castle Hall and the snow-filled Frozen Earth. Also these changes are almost purely cosmetic they manage to be strikingly different enough in colour scheme and atmosphere that they do make the game feel different to play.

There are also two new modes, Super Survival is just a souped-up Survival mode which increases the number and difficulty of enemies much faster than the regular mode. Super Survival mode does include power-ups though. Haste gives you a temporary boost of speed that would put Usain Bolt to shame, Rage gives a huge temporary increase to the damage that your bullets do, Bomb simply blows up all the surrounding enemies as soon as you touch it, and Time Stop does exactly what it says on the tin.

 Wave Attack is much more interesting addition however, this sees the enemies attack in proper number waves with a break between each. Even better, slain foes in Wave Attack mode do not drop any items, ammo or health but instead gold can be collected from their corpses and spent at a shop between waves.

Items that can be purchased are simply laid out on the ground and you just walk over them to buy them. This keeps you within the game engine and prevents any jarring interruptions in concentration that a seperate menu may have caused. It also means that you must be more tactical in your buying decisions as once the next wave starts you are stuck with whatever weapons, ammo and health you have.

Perks also work differently in this mode, and are more RPG-like in that you can simply choose to upgrade either your health bar, reload speed, attack damage or the amount of gold that enemies drop. This mode provides a welcome alternate to the more continuous gameplay styles of the other modes.

Rush mode has been updated meaning you can now select your weapon before starting. In addition to the original Minigun you can now choose between the vicious Blade Ripper which is essentially a chainsaw which forces you to get up close and personal with the werewolf horde, and the brand new Flamethrower provides a constant jet of flame that is also available in other modes too.

But wait, there’s more! New perks have been added, including Armour (You can only move at a slow crawl but get a 50% resistance to damage), Shotgun Master (The shotgun literally has no reload time making it hugely more effective), and Death Dice (if you roll a 1 you die, otherwise you get full health and 100,000 points.)

All of these upgrades more than justify the £1.20 increase in price point, and if you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters then you can consider this review to now read 9/10.

One word of warning though, when upgrading you will lose all your high scores from before the update, but now there is more reason than ever to rack up some impressive efforts.