Hyped Wii News Is A Big Letdown

Over the course of last night both Joystiq and Kotaku posted news which stated that they had some Wii information which had embargoed and could not be unveiled until 12:01 EST. This of course started the ball rolling and got many Nintendo fans setting there expectations really high waiting for something huge to happen. Many forums such as IGN and neoGAF stared threads which reached result in 1000’s of replies with many gamers guessing what could waiting round the corner and the original Joystiq news post recived over 1000 comments. Then it happened…

A little before Midnight (5AM for UK readers) the news hit and the gaming world let out a collective sigh as it was not the big news they though it would be. What was the news you ask?

Well it seems IBM has announced that their Broadway chip custom-designed for Nintendo’s Wii console as been in the hands Nintendo’ since July. “We have been shipping well within this quarter (July),” said Ron Martino, director of IBM Technology Collaboration Solutions. “In fact, we have shipped a significant volume in this quarter.

So what does this news actually mean to us, well the big plus point is that Wii could be released a little bit sooner than most of us think now that we know Ninty has the chips but of course that news is not confirmed by anyone at Nintendo so we are still as much in the dark as we were at this time yesterday.

We admit the news is slightly intresting but it’s not something that should have been hyped to the high heavens by two of the internets biggest gaming blogs, of course now that both sites got loads of views and visits as a result we will probably never get a explanation of why they choose to do this.

Update: It seems like Joystiq did say sorry, hurray!