Too Human : $80-$100 Million to produce!?

To quote Too Human for Xbox 360 creator Kosak “mass appeal is no longer just a goal, it’s a necessity

Today it was revealed within an article in the Toronto Star, that Too Human for Xbox 360, which has been in production for over a decade now, has cost in the region of $80 million to complete. Worryingly this might reflect the increasing production costs that the next gen has brought about, with an average game cost for the current generation being only $10-$20 Million. What is unclear is if this is the total figure for the Trilogy that Silicon Knights plan to make, or for the 1st in the series.

With this rise in cost, is it any wonder that initiatives such as Xbox Live Arcade are being quoted as the savour of the industry? For the full interview please follow this link, which also talks about Kosaks feelings towards Nintendo, while also providing some information on the new Xbox 360 game itself!