Hudson developing Onslaught, a 4 player co-op FPS for Wiiware


Via their official site, Hudson Entertainment have announced they are developing Onslaught, the first ever First Person Shooter to hit WiiWare. Without doubt, the most interesting part of the game is that Hudson boast options for up to 4 player online co-op will be available.

According to Hudson the game is set in the distant future, with a team sent in to help a research colony after they were attacked by overwhelming numbers of mysterious creatures. So, it really wont win any rewards for scripting then.

Gameplay seem to be pretty much as you’d expect, with the Wiimote used to aim and shoot. Shaking the Wiimote apparently reloads your gun, and gesturing a toss with the Nunchuk throws a grenade. With these “tight controls” Hudson say that Onslaught will set “a new standard for FPS on Wii” when released.