HP version of iPod

Apple and HP had announced earlier this year that they would work together, this is the first news of said cooperation since the announcement. HP is going to deliver the 20gb and 40gb version of the iPod, without any change except the box and a little something called “Tattoos”. These Tattoos allow the iPod to come with different skins, how exactly these Tattoos work is not yet known. But it seems to be a simple sticker.

The HP iPod can be bought through HP Shopping, Circuit City and Best Buy among others for US citizens.

The HP iPod with Tattoos

More information is here thanks to DeltaTri3. Apparently there is indeed more to it than just the Tattoos. First of all the new HP iPod is only PC compatible, so Mac users beware. This also means that Windows users will benefit from the new setup poster and manuals that are more Windows-centric. The first thing a user sees once he opens the box is the setup-poster, that shows the consumer how to connect it up.

Another positive change is that HP offers a better guarantee. While Apple will offer you one free repair in the first 90 days, HP will have you covered for a full year and offering more than just a single free repair.