How Many Copies Is Your Fave Mag Selling?

Future has released the latest ABC audited circulation figures for all 11 games titles in its portfolio of 100 regular magazines. The games portfolio is audited biannually. Sales of Future’s games magazines held firm as games players look forward to the next-generation of gaming hardware. Despite the transitory period, highlights amongst the figures include multi-format magazine Edge posted its highest ever ABC figure and PC games titles PC Gamer and PC Zone showing improved second-half performance in 2005.

Revered multi-format games title Edge posted a 16.4% year-on-year and 7.9% period-on-period rise to 33,522 copies, its highest ABC figure since it launched in 1993. The rise in sales of Edge comes as the magazine continues to break news on the next-generation consoles to its audience of hardcore early-adopters.

Future’s PC gaming portfolio, PC Gamer and PC Zone both recorded small period-on—period increases in the second half of 2005, with PC Zone selling 33,580 copies and PC Gamer 48,699. Both titles have undergone successful redesigns and editorial refocuses to ensure they continue to meet the demands of the loyal enthusiasts they serve.

Official PlayStation 2 Magazine held steady throughout 2005, posting a small second half decline of 0.9% to 132,069 monthly copies. Overall, Future’s PlayStation portfolio grew period-on-period in the second half of 2005, thanks to a strong showing for its PSP focussed Official PlayStation 2 Magazine specials, with an ABC of 31,859.

As gamers move away from the first-generation console, Official Xbox Magazine declined 24.3% period-on-period in the second half of 2005 to 64,403 copies. Future launched Xbox 360 The Official Xbox Magazine in September 2005, which will post its debut ABC in due course.

Xbox World 360 reported a growth of 3.1% period-on-period to 19,048 copies as it benefits from its new next-generation focus. The magazine continues to grow and is currently the best-selling unofficial 360 title in a competitive sector.

PSW remains the UK’s best-selling unofficial PlayStation magazine, with an ABC of 43,708 copies per month.

Future’s unofficial Nintendo title, NGC falls 18.1% in the second half of 2005, period-on-period to 11,200 monthly copies. With the launch of Official Nintendo Magazine by Future, NGC remains part of the company’s Nintendo portfolio and will evolve later this year, as the new home console, codenamed Revolution, is launched.

James Ashton-Tyler, Group Publisher for Future’s London entertainment titles, said “As expected trading has remained challenging over the last six months for our gaming portfolio, but several titles have announced some second-half circulation improvements over the first six months of 2005. We also have a lot of exciting new developments to look forward to in the year ahead.

Source GamePlanet