Homeland GC

Written by Pelican

“The main character is a boy named Ruki, one day he heard a mystery voice from another world, and he was brought into this world by a girl, she is searching for a way to save her world from the wicked darkness, and they began their journey.”

No prizes for originality plot-wise then. Of course this isn’t what draws one into the game’s hype, likewise it isn’t the vintage turn-based battles (even considering the inclusion of the not-as-disturbing-as-it-sounds “hand liaison system”).

No, it’s the gorgeous comic book style of the game, with one foot in ‘The Moomins’ and the other in ‘Animal Crossing’, which makes for one sexy retro-cel-shaded-mish-mash. Here’s hoping that ‘Homeland’ has the depth to match its undeniable beauty, because if it does Chun Soft may have a real gem in their hands. Roll on summer ’04