Holly Valance is the new girl in C&C: Uprising


Holly Valance, the former star of Neighbours, a few episodes Prison Break, the Oscar worthy DOA movie, and a short pop career, has been revealed as the new girl in C&C: Uprising, the upcoming standalone expansion for Red Alert 3.

If you have no idea what that is, then that means you must have went out and left us all alone a few days ago when we told you. That means we were talking to ourselves, and that is the first sign of madness, which means you, the fair reader of this site, it to blame for us going crazy

She’s investigating a research facility that might be doing some dodgy business, and thinks perhaps the president’s involved… [i]t’s a camp, over-dramatised character, it’s not too serious. It was fun to go a little bit over the top,commented Valance to Eurogamer when talking about the intricacies of her sure to be multi-layered character in the game.

I personally liked Home and Away better. Neighbours had a much more catchy theme song though “…that’s when good neighbours become good friends