Hitman Actor Admits Never Playing Game

Well this is not a good start. It seems that Timothy Olyphant, the actor that plays Agent 47 in the upcoming movie based on the series of games, has never played any of the games in the Hitman franchise. However, it is not all bad news as the actor commented that the films director, Xavier Gans, is a big fan of Hitman, so at least we wont see 47 going completely out of character.

I really think we did as best we could to be really respectful of the game. The filmmaker’s a real big fan of the game going in. I was not familiar with it at all, so I really came at it from a fresh look. The script in front of me was my primary focus of the story that they handed me. We had a lovely combination of, on one hand, to be respectful of the source material and, on the other hand, not be a slave to it but be inspired by it,” said Olyphant when speaking to IGN.

Hitman is slated for an October 12, 2007 release, and with Dougray Scott playing the bad guy in the movie there is some hope for a bit of quality.