Highlander Game Announced For PS3/360/PC

SCi have finally revealed their Highlander game, the reveal comes almost two years after the company announced they signing the Highlander license. The company boast that the game will be a third person action adventure set in the Highlander universe, which give gamers control of an Immortal embroiled in a battle against rival Immortals in an adventure spanning over 2000 years. Gamers will be tasked with exploring and battling their way through epic historical locations, such as near future NY, Pompeii before the eruption, Japan during the Samurai era and the Highlands.

The game also boast 77 character, with many familiar characters from series/movies, 9 navigation features, such Dagger climbing, Ropes, Dynamic ladders, Swan dive, Freefall, Traverse climbing, Cannonball, Beams, Ziplines, and 3 weapons to master – the Katana, Claymore and Double Sword. The game will be developed by Widescreen and is currently set for release some time in 2008.