Hidden Resi 4 Features Found Bullet Time And More

Seems like someone has gotten access to the debug mode of Resident Evil 4 which leads to a whole host of features being found which are not available in the normal version of the game. The guy who discovered this writes “Using a method that hit both Mark and I during our discussions, We are able to activate the debug menu in various builds of Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4. I wont go into detail as to how to do this, as Mark and I would like to keep it under wraps currently since a good portion of blood sweat and tears went into getting it all working 100%. There are also possible negative effects that would happen in the community which would result if this method would be released. I cannot go into detail there either however there are plans to release the method but we would like to get a comprehensive list together first of what everything does. So with that, I am booting up my copy of Resident Evil 4 Trial Edition (GCN) with the debug menu active!

For more words and pictures of the modes in action click here and a to see a video (hosted on youtube) of all the modes including thermal vision, stealth camouflage and a form of bullet time in action click here.