HEI$T Now Planned For June Release


Codemasters revealed that it plans to release HEI$T on PC, PS3 and 360 this summer. The company had already announced that the game was supposed to ship in Christmas 2007, and hit shelves before  Grand Theft Auto IV, but as you can see (or in this case not see), this has not happen. Hopefully whatever caused this long delay is been sorted out and we can soon plan and experience some cool San Fran based bank robbing action in a few months time.

Codemasters report that the way you rob each bank will affect how hard the following bank is to rob as the game progresses. For example if you walk into a bank all guns blazing, shooting up the place, then the next bank you set your sights on will hire more security. However, if you plan the heist and execute it well then the subsequent bank will not be as aware of you, thus making your fraudulent life that little bit easier.