Heavenly Sword Has 10GB Worth Of Audio

Ninja Theory and Sony are running the hype offensive for Heavenly Sword right now and have revealed that over three and a half hours of music, sound effects and 4,500 lines of dialog will be contained in the retail version of the game, which totals up to 10GB, 1.5gigs more than a dual layer DVD can hold. “There’s an hour and a half’s worth of cut scenes in eleven languages,” said SCEE’s Garry Taylor.

For me, sound is very ‘immediate’ to the player. Music has a well-established cultural language; sound is much less clearly delineated – but you can get straight to someone’s emotional responses with it – there’s little time for the brain to analyse. Sound is key in making this awesome weapon – the Heavenly Sword – come to life so you can sense its brooding power and almost hear it feeding off each kill,” said audio lead Tom Colvin, possibly getting far to excited for his own good.

If you interested you can feast your ears, and read all about the audio of Heavenly Sword over at Develop.