Heavenly Sword Demo Coming During E3?

When speaking on his IGN blog Mat Hart, head of production at Ninja Theory, has commented that he believes a Heavenly Sword demo could appear on the Playstation Store any day now. They better hurry up with it as Micah and Jessica have been playing it for the past 4 months in Heroes which makes absolutely no sense! In his blog post he said “I can confirm that we are, of course, going to be releasing a demo for Heavenly Sword – and soon! This will be downloadable via the Playstation Network, so keep an eye out for it in the very near future – and I mean very near future!”

Although a date is not given in his blog post for the release it seems very likely that Sony could use E3 to promote one of their bigger exclusives of 2007 before releasing the demo for download on the Playstation Store straight after the event to get people hyped even more.