Haze PS3 Coming In Autumn – Timed Exclusive?

Ubisoft has announced to Gamespot they will be releasing the much hyped FPS Haze from Free Radical on PS3 this autumn. No mention was made of the Xbox 360 and PC versions in their announcement. “Haze is leading on PS3, but no exclusivity for any platform has been officially announced,” the developer commented when speaking to the site. Haze is a break from Free Radical’s TimeSplitters games and will attempt a much more serious effort at telling a story. Another, perhaps more welcome change, is that the game will also feature four-player jump-in co-op which is a first for an FPS.

I can’t say too much about it even at this stage, but it asks questions and raises issues that are worth debating long after you’ve finished the game,” said Derek Littlewood, team leader for the game. “Visually, Haze will certainly set a new benchmark, but we believe it will also set a precedent for the quality of writing that we believe should exist in the next generation of games. There’s more to HAZE than meets the eye, and there’s certainly more to Mantel too. In fact, every aspect of the game holds a surprise, secret or twist – the storyline, the gameplay, the graphics. Nothing is safe!

It’s a completely seamless experience – no loading screens, no missions select screens,” Littlewood added. “This was a core aim from very early on in the project, because we’re trying to create a realistic, immersive game world – and there are no loading screens in real life, my friends! We wanted to give the player a real sense of continuity throughout the game, so rather than simply jumping from one location to another, you’ll catch a ride in a Mantel vehicle to get there instead. Think of it as a road movie through a war,” he concluded.