Haze Delayed Again

Ubisoft have revealed that Haze (the game that uses multiple variants of the colour brown to make up most of its environments) has been hit with another delay, and now has been tagged with the rather vague date of sometime during the course of 2008’s fiscal year. For those of you that have not kept up on your business studies, this current fiscal year runs from April 1st 2008 to March 31st 2009, so it is possible – although unlikely – that the game could now slip all the way to next year.

Neither Ubisoft nor Free Radical gave a reason for the new delay, but seeing as this is the second announced delay over the span of just two months we’d guess that the game is currently in a bit trouble, and is most likely no where near living up to the hype created. Hopefully this extra time (and some more shades of brown) will help make the game better.