Haze boasts a 4GB install before play

As part of the latest update in the ‘ask the devs’ thread over on the Ubisoft forums it has been revealed that Haze will be the latest PS3 game to have a mandatory install before you play the game – this time it is 4GB.

You will need to go through a minimal install (about 4 Gigs)” notes the most recent update to the thread.

To be honest, judging by our experience with Devil May Cry 4 the word “minimal” would not be our first port of call to describe the recent trend of PS3 installs, as we had to wait a full 25 minutes to play that game.

However, if it install helped improve the game in some way then we are happy to wait that extra time. Regretfully, neither Ubi nor Free Radical have explained how the install will technically aid the title, so we find the 20 minute long extra wait far from ideal at the moment.