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Harmonix set to show something new at PAX East this year

The schedule for this year’s PAX East has gone up, and digging through it, it seems Harmonix will have a panel at the event this year. Their panel is on Saturday April 7. Interestingly, it seems they’ve got something new coming. The schedule listing on the PAX site reads:

Join Harmonix developers as they discuss and dissect ten years of beatmatch gameplay creation, tracking their long and glorious tradition of designing music rhythm games like Frequency and Amplitude right up to the first public reveal of a brand new title! The panel will include gameplay examples from internal prototypes, honest discussion of our design process successes and failures, insight into how we create and test our games in development, and a synopsis of the design history of a title on public display for the very first time at the Harmonix booth. Q & A to follow.

Previous digging on Linked In revealed members of staff at Harmonix were working on an as yet unannounced XBLA/PSN/Facebook game – this could be the reveal of that every game.