Halo’s Cortana To Star In DOA4?

It is only speculation at the moment but when you throw two pieces of evidence together it all points to the fact the Halo’s Cortana may star in DOA4. You may be asking why so let me explain! First off the guys at Bungie recently updated there site with news stating “Oh. Keep your eyes peeled next week for a surprising, cool, awesome Bungie-related announcement. No it is not Halo 3, nor is it the surprise revelation of our next project (whatever that may be) but it’s sweet. It’s something I’ve hinted at in the past. And you’ll probably like it. More than that I can’t say. Which even I know is aggravating. But it ain’t up to me. So just be patient.”

This quote alone should be enough to get any Halo fan speculating what their favourite developers may be up to but while you couple it with the fact that a Tecmo source at X05 in Amsterdam today confirmed that there is secret character in DOA4 and the characters roots began in the Halo franchise it really starts to get you gaming mind in a spin!

It should be noted that this is the first time Team Ninja has gone away from their own stable of characters for the Dead Or Alive series and is using a character from another title. While a Tecmo representative would not say exactly who this character would be we would be willing to bet it is Cortana as she has “everything” that is needed to star in a DOA game