Halo3 Beta Invite Bundled With Crackdown

In a move somewhat akin to the bundling of the MGS2 demo with Zone of Enders all those years ago, Microsoft now seem to be using Halo 3 to boost the sales of one of their big early 2007 releases.

Judging by the photo below (which is an advert from the latest issue of Gamepro) when you buy Crackdown not only will you find the DVD and a possibly useless instruction manual in the case… you will be given the opportunity to take part in the Halo 3 beta test.

It is unknown at this time how many gamers will be given the opportunity – it may be very little as the smaller text on the image reads “limited time offer” or if the same deal will be on show when Crackdown is released in PAL territories but when all’s said and done this is a smart move by Microsoft to get people interested in Crackdown… which should be a great game in its own right.