Halo Wars bundled free with Aussie 360s

Microsoft have announced they will be packing in Halo Wars at no additional charge into current 360 bundles in Australia. The current pricing in the cuntry country sees the console retail at $299 for the Xbox 360 Arcade, $399 for the Premium unit, and $549 for the Xbox 360 Elite

The Halo Wars offer applies to that entire range of consoles, and will run from February 26th to March 26th or until stock runs out.

Halo Wars is first game in the Halo franchise to break away from FPS tradition, offering gamers a real-time strategy take of the series. The game uses species, vehicles, people and locations made famous in the Halo trilogy, but also introduces new elements of its own.

The game will be the last project to be developed by Ensemble Studios, as they were shut down by Microsoft during the last few months of development of the game.