Halo Themed 360 Priced And Dated

Got £280/€414 burning a whole in your pocket? Well if you do, then you may be interested in picking up the Halo-themed Xbox 360 which Microsoft has just announced will cost £280/€414, shocking eh? The cosnole will launch alongside the game on the 26th September. However, before you go splash the cash you should consider that for twenty quid more you could actually pick up an Elite, which just happens to have a 120 GB HDD attached as well. And with that realisation most people with sense should realise the Halobox is a tad over priced.

However if there is no stopping you picking up everything Halo inspired that MS tosses you way then you may be interested to know that the pack includes a green and gold 360, with HDMI port, 20GB hard drive, a green wireless controller, a green wired headset, Halo 3 theme and gamer pictures, a component HD AV cable, an Ethernet cable, a Play & Charge Kit, and one month of Live Gold membership.

I suppose it is not all that bad when you think about it. I still don’t regret picking up my Pikachu N64, it was my best buy ever!