Halo Movie Becoming A Reality?

Good movies adapted from video games are rarer than chewing gum-free cinema seats, so it’s a relief that Microsoft has decided to ignore the usual Hollywood method of selling the Halo series to a studio who wouldn’t know an Xbox if it landed on its toes.

Instead, Microsoft has decided to develop the script for the Halo movie internally, and has signed Alex Garland for a multi-million dollar fee to put the words onto paper. Garland wrote The Beach, a bestselling novel that was later turned into a film starring Leonardo Di Caprio, and penned the screenplay for class zombie Brit-flick 28 Days Later.

More importantly, Garland’s a self-confessed video game fan who has previously included gaming themes into his work. He’s likely to be pretty knowledgable of the Halo universe, which immediately puts him ahead of some of the donkeys who’ve been responsible for destroying other video game movie adaptations.

The idea is that Garland will work on the script in close collaboration with Microsoft and the blokes at Bungie, and only when it is finished will it be offered to Hollywood studios. Hollywood news source Variety is also reporting that ex-Columbia Pictures president Peter Schlessel has signed on to ensure that Bungie and Microsoft can retain more creative control over the adaptation.

No details on the storyline of the movie yet, but it’s reported that influences from both games and all three Halo books will be drawn upon. And who’ll play Master Chief? Feel free to offer your suggestions below – and tell us if you think a Halo movie could be any cop.

Source CVG