Halo Map Hits Unreal Tournament III On PS3

It may be seen as a regular occurrence on PC, but thanks to Unreal Tournament III on the PS3 favourite maps from other games can now be created and distributed for the first time on console. Because of this it was obvious some iconic maps were going to pop up at some point, and now it has begun.

The map in question is a remake of Wizard from Halo: Combat Evolved, which was famous for offering some exciting close quarters combat back in the day, and the remake – made by Zubren – looks rather similar in layout, but off course adopts a more darker look and colour – as Unreal is all grim and dark and stuff like that.

It should be interesting to see will this spark any anger at Bungie or Microsoft, as it is very much new ground to allow a level from a competitors game to be played on a competing console. Of course, it will be argued that due to different weapons and the vastly different speed of the game the experience will be different, but still the level design is sure to infringe of some kind of copyrighted material – moreso now that it is possible on console. However, if this goes by without any repercussions it would be nice to see other maps make an appearance on PS3. GoldenEye’s Facility could be nice, but maybe that’s just me.