Halo 3 Will ‘Have The Feel Of The Original’

In a relatively short weekly update on bungie.net it has been revealed that the Halo 3 campaign will feel more like the original Halo. This is great new in my opinion as I still believe the original Halo was much better paced than its predecessor. The author of the piece writes “I have been playing through Campaign mode purely for kicks. Exploring, in fact. There’s lots of the feel of the original Halo, where you’ll find yourself in a huge (dangerous) and intrinsically fascinating environment and just want to go tool around and check things out.”

He continues “At this stage in development, the encounters are very carefully placed. Sometimes that means you’re in frantic firefights (on a significantly bigger scale than in Halo 2, although all I will confirm numerically is at least one more Grunt.) but there’s also time for exploratory reflection and the, “Oooh, maybe I can climb up there and check that thing out,” sort of play. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not GTA – it’s still Halo, but there’s a bigger feeling scope to some of these levels that has me reminiscing about the original game.”