Halo 3 Limited Edition Could Be Prone To Scratching

Over on neoGAF it has come to light that the packaging for the Halo 3 Limited Edition box is far from perfect, and unfortunately judging from the picture above has a very shallow nub which could be prone to accidentally releasing the disc during transit. When this may seem like a huge downer as we move into the final few days before Halo 3 is officially released, it is not all bad news as it is currently confirmed to affect only the Limited Edition box, with the regular release and the Legendary ‘Cat Helmet‘ Edition having a much deeper nub to hold the game. Also, with different manufactures over here, the Euro packing could be different from the US one, which could hopefully go great strides in preventing the problem.

Still, regardless of this, we would advise those buying Halo 3 to make sure to check if their box has no rattle before opening it, especially if you are buying it from a brick and mortar store where you should be able to get a replacement straight away. Otherwise when opened you could be greeted to something like this.

Also, we have to stress that this story is still in the anecdotal evidence stage, and not every single Limited Edition may be affected. However, if you have got/get a copy of Halo 3 and you find out something like above has happened then feel free to send an email our way, along with an image, and we will run a new news story, and try to get Microsoft attention if it turns out to be a widespread problem. On the other hand if you manage to get a perfect copy then make sure you enjoy it as it is sure to be a corker of a game.