Halo 3 In Stores: Someones Playing It!

If the story of Halo 3 means a whole lot to you then prepare for a scary September full of spoilers as it seems Halo 3 has already hit retailers, and to make matters worse it is now been played by someone that is not you. Yes, if you take a gander at the photo below you will see some retailers, from somewhere (we really don’t where if you did not figure that out yet) has got Halo 3 shipped to their store ahead of the late Septemeber release, and yes, someone now seem to be now happily playing it.

Of course, someone with the time could easily fake something like this just to annoy you and me but if you check out Xbox.com you can see you can see some people are working there way through the main campaign game on normal (at least at the time of writing).

However, seeing as the game was announced as going gold just a few days ago this all seems a bit quick to be honest, but even if it is all a clever hoax it still deserves a news item.