Halo 3 ‘Heroic’ map pack free March 25th


Bungie has revealed that the ‘Heroic’ map pack for Halo 3, the first multiplayer DLC for the game that went on sale in December of last year will finally be free to download come next Tuesday (March 25th). If you decided to wait it out since the pack released you will now be able to get your hands it, and play the three maps within (Standoff, Rat’s Nest, and Foundry), without having to hand over any Microsoft Points.

Of course, you could now use that saved money to buy the Legendary Map Pack, which is coming very soon, or you could start saving all over again. However, you may have a long wait on your hands as neither Microsoft nor Bungie has announced any plans on when/if that will ever become free.

Furthermore, and finally, this is also good news for people who already downloaded the pack, as the three maps will now be making an appearance in normal matchmaking rotation, thus meaning you won’t have to select a separate option to play them anymore.