Halo 2 Vista Playable At Leipzig

In a recent post on their site Bungie’s Content Manager Frank O’Connor has revealed that attendees to the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, will be able to take a look at the game and play two multiplayer maps. The post states :

“First off, the big news is that Halo 2 for Vista is making its public debut at the Leipzig Games Convention on August 24th through 27th. Those of you lucky enough to live in Germany will get a chance to play against each other in a pair of multiplayer maps we picked out for the show. Several of our key team members will also be present, struggling to explain keyboards layouts to German speakers using a combination of grunts, gestures and umlauts. Oh, and I don’t want to get you North American gamers too excited, but we’re looking at a possible US show in the near future. That’s Top Secret for now.

There’s still no official release date for Halo 2 Vista, but it’s expected to launch alongside the operating system in 2007.