Halo 2 to have 20,000 lines of dialogue

The following quotes are from Bungie

“Halo 2” just happens to be one huge game, with 20,000 lines of dialogue in it. “And that’s just one illustration of its size,” she said. “Bungie is a perfectionist and wants it as polished as it can be. If a game is innovative, if it pushes the technical limitations of the platform, then it puts risk into your schedule. But because we know we can ship at any time and will do really well sales-wise, we’ll take our time and get it to be the game we want it to be. It’s the most important title on the Xbox platform and it needs to be right.”

“‘Halo 2’ impacts the other games in the Xbox portfolio,” she explained. “Nobody wants to ship just before it or in its shadow; they want to give each game some breathing room.”


If you want to compare that to the first Halo which has only 5,000 lines of dialogue in it, it is a pretty big step up. The dialogue is obviously going to consist primarily of one-liners and short commands/statements from your teammates and enemies. Still, 20,000 lines is good especially since you know tons of that speech is going to come from your fellow marines, which adds tons to the game’s atmosphere.

Want more food for thought? Halo2 will have more dialogue than KoToR!!