Halo 2 Preorders Hit One Million!

Microsoft’s is gearing up for what could be the best-selling holiday season in its history, with several upcoming titles that are exclusive to the console. The most talked about title been of course Halo 2.

Infact over 1 million copies of Halo 2 have been pre-ordered so far, making it the highest presale in the history of video games. Microsoft have already sold 5 million copies of the original Halo, which launched with the Xbox debut in 2001 and they have high hopes the sequel will do better in a even shorter about of time .

We have the blockbuster of blockbuster titles launching this year,” Andrew Jenkins, an Xbox product manager, said yesterday at a briefing to show upcoming games on the console. “It’s hard to see a downside.”

With over a month left will the release of the game we can only expect that number to rise even further!