Half Life 2 Expansions To Be Episodic

Valve Software reveals that the Aftermath expansion pack will now be the first in a series of episodic content. Valve Software has revealed that Aftermath, the upcoming expansion pack to the award-winning 2004 shooter Half-Life 2, has been renamed “Half-Life 2 Episode One.” When asked whether the name change is indicative of a change in direction for the Half-Life 2 franchise, Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi replied, “episodic.” When asked the follow-up question of whether the new name meant that beginning of a regular flow of content, Lombardi replied, “yes.”

This change in focus may not be surprising to fans of Valve who are familiar with the company’s online delivery service, Steam. The company recently announced that it was partnering with developer Ritual Entertainment to produce SiN Episodes, , a series of episodic games on a regular basis that would be distributed online via the Steam service.

Source Gamespot