Gunpey Coming To Europe

The guys at Atari have announced they will be bringing the DS and PSP version of Gunpey to Europe in March! Although it is not a huge name in the gaming world the game was developed in the same studio as Lumines and Meteos – Q Entertainment – so that should be enough to get you interested in the game. As with most of Q Entertainment’s games music is used in the game to great effect.

Gameplay revolves around scrolling lines of various angles moving towards the top of the screen in a five column wide playing field, and the player must slide the line fragments vertically in order to create unbroken lines from the left side of the screen to the right. After doing so, the created line disappears. If any of the line fragments reach the top of the screen before they have been assembled into a full line, the game is over. After connecting a line, you are given a couple of seconds to create new connected lines branching out from the first one, allowing you to achieve combo bonuses.

Each version of the game will offer unique features with the PSP offering 40 different collectable skins in Challenge Mode. If you beat this you can them become a “Gunpey DJ” which will let you mix two different skins together in Double Skin mode.

The DS version sounds intresting too as it will let gamers create thier own tracks via the Sound Sets and Patternizer options.