Guitar Hero Moves To Neversoft

After a quick visit to the official Neversoft website it seems evident that they now will be at the helm of Guitar Hero development possibly taking over from Harmonix for the as yet unannounced release of Guitar Hero III.

After clicking on the link above you can see that Neversoft are on the look out for people to hire to help on the development of the Tony Hawk’s and their now new Guitar Hero franchises with even more clickable links telling visitors – with the right credentials to – apply for positions.

We off course know that Activision are now in control of the Guitar Hero franchise and they can move it to any developer they want but why take it from Harmonix after they have done such a great job over the last two edition – maybe the guys at Harmonix are now up to something even better! Off course it could also have something to do with Harmonix now having to work on stuff with MTV.