Guitar Hero: 1980s Edition On The Way

EGM – in the latest issue of their magazine – have announced that Harmonix, RedOctane and Activision are planning to release a new extension of the Guitar Hero franchise titled Guitar Hero: 1980s Edition. EGM state that the game is currently in production and will ship sometime in the spring and end the piece saying “trust us; it’s coming.”

Although this news is out of the blue coming from a source like EMG it should believed. No platform was announced in the short blurb in the magazine but in my mind this seems like it could be a Xbox 360 marketplace download for the 360 version the game. With such a short development time gone by between Guitar Hero II and this newly announced game it is also not expected that GH 80’s – in whichever form it is finally released – will have a full compliment of songs to match the number of the other games in the series… but this is also not confirmed.

If we get any more updates on this news then we will bring it to you as soon we can. “(*-*)/”/