Guilty Gear Goes 3D On 360

It has been announced that Guilty Gear, the famed 2D fighting series, will be making it way to Xbox 360. However, for Guilty Gear 2 Overture the game will undergo a selection of changes. Arc System Works has revealed the new game will be a mix real-time strategy and 3D fighting game. The ‘Masters’ in the game – such as Sol Badguy, Sin, among others – will be the main fighters, while you will also have the option to move around and give commands on the field map in RTS-like fashion. One you come in contact with enemy units the game then moves to 3D fighting game.

According to 1up the game is currently 80% complete, but no release date has yet been announced. It is currently unknown how the devs will try to bring the unique graphics the game is known for into 3D… our guess is they just won’t, sadly. Does RTS elements really belong in a GG game anyway?