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GTA V officially available for pre-order – Rockstar releases list of retailers

The only news to add is that after seeing this official list, I don’t think anyone wants to wait until next Spring.

From Rockstar’s official site:

  • Starting today, Grand Theft Auto V is officially available for pre-order everywhere. For those of you that might prefer online retail to the more traditional brick and mortar, we’ve included a list of links to some popular retailers below (we’ll add additional international retail links here as they become available).
  • We’re also making available the newest official artwork from the game that was featured in last week’s announcement. Grab “Beach Weather” from the Rockstar Downloads page and look for much, much more to be revealed – including the Game Informer cover story later this week as well as an update on the release of the next official trailer.
Rockstar Warehouse: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3 (pre-orders will be available later this afternoon) Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

There you have it – we’ll update you soon with more information. In the meantime, look forward to another trailer being released soon!