GTA IV radio stations revealed

Although we still don’t know much about the songs that will be played on these stations the full list of 18 that will be available in Grand Theft Auto IV has now been made available in PSM’s review of the game. If you are interested the magazine gave the game 10 our of 10, but if numbers don’t interest you then maybe the stations listed below will:

  • We Know The Truth (Talk)
  • Radio Broker (Alternative Rock)
  • San Juan Sounds (Latin)
  • Integrity 2.0 (Talk featuring Lazlow)
  • Tuff Going Radio (Reggae)
  • Liberty City Hardcore (Punk/Hardcore)
  • Electro Choc (Dance)
  • Liberty City Rock Radio 97.8 (Classic Rock)
  • Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 (Dance hall)
  • International Funk IF99 (Funk)
  • Public Liberty Radio (Phone in speech)
  • The Classics 104.1 (Old school Hip hop)
  • The Beat 102.7 (Contemporary Hip-Hop)
  • Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 (Jazz)
  • K108 The Studio (Disco)
  • Fusion FM (Soul)
  • Vladivostok FM (Eastern European)
  • The Journey (Ambient/Chillout)