GTA IV press launch invitations are out

Over on NeoGAF forum member hitoshi comments that he has just received his invite to the GTA IV launch event in his country. The invite comes in the guise of a bloodstained letter from the main protagonist of the game Nico Bellic asking the recipients to come to the event.

The text of the letter is in Hungarain, but hitoshi put up a quick translation commenting that it reads “I’ve got an offer you can’t refuse. Be at … at 8’o clock on Monday. If you want to get more info about GTA IV, don’t be late! You won’t need a gun this time…

It is likely similar letters will be sent out to other journalists worldwide. Most should be getting theirs over the next few days. That does not include us though, as Rockstar will not answer our emails. Dammit Tanya!

 gtapressinvite1_news.jpg  gtapressinvite2_news.jpg  gtapressinvite3_news.jpg