GTA IV cleared by BBFC, no cuts made


The BBFC have announced they have cleared GTAIV for release in the UK. They also revealed they have given the game an 18-rating for strong violence, very strong language, sex and drug references, and that the rating was achieved without having to make any cuts to the game.

They went on to reveal that the game will contain violence, which they believe will be the “central theme” of the game. They also comment that weapons, like machine guns, Molotov cocktails, a serrated knife and a rocket propelled grenade launcher can be used, and that “injuries and death are shown with blood including blood projected onto nearby walls, windscreens and the camera lens.” In addition, they also made known that “the character is able to attack and kill any other character in the game, including ‘innocent’ non player characters, although this carries a strong risk of being pursued by the police providing a negative consequence for such action.

Basically they did a very good job of summing up what a GTA game is all about in the space of one paragraph.