GTA 4 Trailer Coming March 29

Rockstar have used the internets to unveil that they are counting down to the magical release of a trailer for their already massively hyped GTA IV. The trailer is currently set to hit on March 29th and will no doubt bring the official site to it’s knees come release before someone uploads it to YouTube.

Currently very little is known about the game other than it runs on the RAGE graphical engine – the same one from Table Tennis – and could possibly use the Euphoria Physics Engine. Other tidbits that are currently known are that there is 150+ working on the game at the moment and Lazlow will appear in the games cast – most likely to present his radio show in whatever time frame he finds himself in. The locale of GTA IV is also currently unknown but it was revealed in December of last year that “the team is looking beyond the United States for the setting of the next title, with Europe a strong contender.

So where is the game set? Will it have a subtitle? Who is the main protagonist? Is that Jack Thompson I hear frantically typing up a letter? All these question, well some of them, will be answered soon!