Groove Games Announce Warpath

Groove Games has announced a new First Person Shooter for the Xbox and PC titled Warpath. The game is in development by Digital Extremes (this is the same team that was responsible for the respectable abet not highly innovative Pariah that was released last year.)

With ‘Warpath,’ we wanted to get back to the essence of what a multiplayer FPS should be fast action, great graphics, and most importantly, fun gameplay,” said Jon Walsh, CEO, Groove Games. “‘Warpath’ lets you run faster, jump higher, and fly farther than any other FPS out there,” continued Walsh. “We pushed the limits as far as we felt we could and feel that it really paid off.

‘WarPath’ is a perfect fit for our strategy of delivering great games to the market at a price point everyone can enjoy,” said Walsh. “Its high-quality, fun gameplay, unlimited replayability, and innovation offer up something that we feel will strongly appeal to the FPS audience.