Gray 360 Appears At E3 Rehearsal

After the image first appearing on Gamerscore Blog’s flickr photos, Joystiq are now reporting that a gray 360 has made an appearance at a quick rehearsal for Microsoft’s E3 plans. As you can see in the image above the grey 360 is siting to the far left with the Elite on the far right and two Premium units sitting in the center. Joystiq are commenting that due to its positioning the gray unit could be a new low-priced model that MS could announce at the show but seeing as the console seems to have no problem selling in two of the main territories right now that may be unlikely.

We’ll go crazy and guess it is a 360 with a HD-DVD drive installed… of course it could easily be a cake in the shape of a 360 for all we know! Finally, we will cover ourselves and say it may be just all an optical illusion!