GRAW2 Demo Now On Live Marketplace

Xbox Live has been void of anything entertaining this week with little to no important downloads on show. Thankfully this has been remedied by Ubisoft as a demo of GRAW2 has just pooped up on the Live Marketplace and is now available to download to turn that frown of yours upside-down.

Details of the demo are as follows… first off it is just a single-player demo so those wanting to test out multiplayer may have to wait for the full game and fork out the cash or maybe a multiplayer demo might rear its head before the games release – by the way that date is 9th March. The demo itself weighs in at only 625MB so those with a quick connection may only get one cup of tea and half a tube of Jaffa Cakes down there gob before it is ready to play.

The demo level sees Scott Mitchell and his ghost team back in Mexico cleaning up a rebel camp just outside Juarez – hoping to destroy a number of objectives and allow the loyalist Mexican army in through the resulting holes. Ubi tell us that the demo level is the second mission in the full game’s campaign.