GRAW Demo Coming Later This Week?

With the release of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter fast approaching everyone is wondering if we will get a demo to play on Live so we can try before we buy. Well today hopes of a demo just went a hell of a lot higher as the developer’s of GRAW have just updated their blog at with a Q&A. While most of the question were highly yawn-educing the last one was most intriguing.

When quired with “will there be a demo in the Marketplace soon, so we can experience the beauty of this game for ourselves in high-definition?” The dev team answered with “Yes there is, we are putting something special together as we speak which will be out soon.

So there you have it! You should now be checking the marketplace at least once everyday to see if a demo has appeared or alternatively keep visiting DarkZero and will keep you advised on and imminent updates.