GRAW 2 Downloadable Content Available Free

As most people will tell you, free stuff rules, and if somewhere offers a free t-shirt you always want it. Free samples are also great when at the supermarket, and you always want to go round the aisle twice to get a second helping. Well, it seems that games are no different and free Theme Packs and demos always get downloaded in droves, even if they don’t get used.

However, there are times when some good free stuff comes, free stuff you can actually uses, and stuff that can make an old game worth playing again. Today that game is GRAW 2, as the “Throwback Pack” which cost 800 points in May has now been made free to download. The pack itself contain seven levels that have been remastered from previous Ghost Recon games, so if you did not get it before you have no excuse to pick it up now and get back to some GRAW 2 action.

I’d like a GRAW t-shirt though, I’d wear it outside and advertise your game… do you hear that Ubisoft?