Godfather Will Stumble In Later On 360/PSP

EA has confirmed that its movie licensed gangster romp, The Godfather, will not be appearing on PSP or Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox 360 when the game is released in March. Having already been subjected to numerous development delays, The Godfather was originally scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2005, during the holiday sales period. The change in release dates, pushing the title to March 2006, was considered to be so influential that it prompted analysts to lower their estimates for the EA’s full-year performance.

Development on current generation platforms, including PC, PS2 and Xbox is almost complete and the game is on schedule for a simultaneous multi-format release in March. EA has confirmed the release of current generation versions is definitely on track, adding that a release date for the PSP and Xbox 360 versions has yet to be officially announced, effectively denying rumours of additional development delays. At this stage, EA would only confirm that the next-gen and PSP versions will be released at some stage after 1st April 2006.

Source PALGN